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  • Connectors three basic properties: mechanical and electrical environment.


    Connectors are electronic devices indispensable component, which is blocked in the circuit at the circuit or isolation barrier between the bridge the ... [Detail]

  • Why connector insulation fail?


    1. Case background In this case the product fails connectors are insulated to be detected after passing the factory and delivered to customers (d... [Detail]

  • Common connector maintenance check points.


    Connector, the electrical connector, One-like plugs and sockets consist of two parts. By mating plugs and sockets, electronic device providing an ele... [Detail]

  • How do smart connector of the industrial era?


    2015 intelligent industry into the \"Industry 4.0\" era, that era of the fourth industrial revolution, we can call it intelligent industry. No doubt, ... [Detail]

  • A good connector must highlight two aspects


    Today\'s society with the development of science and technology, more and more advanced mechanized equipment, to replace manpower trend has become in... [Detail]

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