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Conleyton Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in ShenZhen, GangDong, in 2003, We focus on the development of high-precision electronic connectors, switches, encoders and complex cable, manufacturing, sales and technical services. The products widely used in IT ,mobile, appliances, healthcare, automotive and so on, Our main products: board to board connectors, wire to board connectors, wire to wire connectors, battery connectors and a variety of card socket.

In order to meet the market demand, since 2007, We investment in automotive connectors, sealing plug series of product development, Conley ton man through 4 years of unremitting efforts, We have become the major automotive manufacturers supplier,such as FAW, Mazda, Changan

Since its inception, we have been committed to providing customers the most perfect quality, most competitive price, best service, the most punctual leadtime. Our R & D team has exceeded 100 people. And companies incorporated in Shenzhen, China in 2007.

With our products and services, The Conley ton electronic has become one of the major domestic and foreign electronic connector suppliers. The Products comply with ROHS and CE safety regulations and other relevant provisions.

Business purposes

Best quality, most competitive price, the most perfect service, the most punctual leadtime.

Commitment to quality

Operate strictly according to ISO 9000 quality management system requirements, and produce to comply with laws, regulations and customer requirements.

Social and environmental responsibility

The product does not use the contaminated materials on the environment, while we regularly submitted to the SGS verification, and to ensure that the requirements of RoHS-compliant.


* The connectors manufacture and sale;

* The switches, encoders, manufacture and sale;

* Precision Metal consecutive mold design and manufacturing;

* Precision plastic mold design and manufacturing;

* Metal stamping and assembly

* Plastic injection molding;

* Connector development and assembly;

* Wire-side assembly processing

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