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  • Why use connector


    One if not envisaged under the connector will be like? Then use a continuous conductor between the circuit permanently connected from the One, for exa... [Detail]

  • Development Trend of electronic connectors


    Miniaturization of small volume, light weight, small Pitch, reduced height, high density / high Pin Number High-frequency signal / transmission ... [Detail]

  • Material type electronic connectors


    The choice of material is based on comprehensive consideration of moldability, product applications and strength properties on; the cost effectivenes... [Detail]

  • Electronic connectors classification


    1, according to Solder divided into: DIP type (eg: PCI 120P), SMT type (eg: MINI PCI EXPRESS) 2, press the appearance can be divided into: extern... [Detail]

  • Definition of electronic connectors


    Electronic connectors (also known as a circuit connector, electrical connectors), One of the two conductors of a bridging loop, so that current can fl... [Detail]

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