Characteristics of M-Commerce

The evolution of technology and internet gifted us with E-commerce, which later evolved further into M-commerce. What is M-commerce? Just like we do transactions online using our PCs, now we are able to perform the very same task with the mere use of a mobile phone. This process is called M-commerce, where the buyer and seller will be connected via the mobile. The process saves a lot of time for both parties and is easy to use. Not only the buyers but even the sellers received benefits due to this feature that was introduced in the 21st century. Following are some of the characteristics of M-commerce that have been very helpful in our daily activities.


All transactions done via mobile phones are very fast. This enables the user to engage in buying products very easily and without any need of travelling to a store. For instance, you can simply download the EBay or Amazon applications to your phone and simply place your order then and there. Wherever you are, the seller will receive the order request and it will be processed in no time, while the product will arrive at your doorstep in the matter of a few days.

Reduced costs

Earlier when you needed to purchase something, you had to take a trip to whichever store that was selling it. Did you realize that this trip costs you a few extra bucks from your wallet on transportation? Although you may have not noticed it in the past, you must have paid dollars for all the trips you took to the nearby retail store. However, now you need not worry as the transport cost can be completely eliminated from your budget in this case.


This is an advantage that the seller receives due to M-commerce. As it does not involve maintaining a physical store anywhere where people would step in, they can simply own a warehouse where the goods will be stored; or an even better option would be to use the JIT (Just In Time) method to receive the goods on order. Therefore, they will have no trouble in this arena. Of course, they might be obliged to perform certain services after delivery, but they have been freed off many responsibilities.


The convenience provided by this service can in no means be put into words. You can order the goods at any time, no matter where you are staying. The world has become one global village due to M-commerce, where all buyers and sellers are interconnected with each other.

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