Must-Know Facts for a PC User

Even if you are a pro tech user, sometimes there are certain things that you may miss out on as well; several basic steps that you might forget to check up on. The few basics that are highly important but completely insignificant in your eyes may be the ones that you miss and cause trouble in later usage. Here we have some such information that you might have missed out on with regard to your PC. Refresh your memory and see if you have taken all these measures. If not, it is not too late, go ahead and fix them.


Did you give any thought to backing up the date on your computer? Whichever method you use to back up the files, make sure that it will be useful in the long run. Yes, you can simply backup all the files to an external hard disc which has plenty of memory in it; but, what if you face a disaster like a fire which will destroy all documents, machinery and hard discs that you own? You will lose all those files forever. Therefore, you can always pay a considerable amount and store your important files in the cloud so that they will not be threatened by any disaster.

Use shortcuts

Use shortcuts! Computers are not like humans, nor are they built to be like them. That is why they have shortcut keys. You need not worry on typing commands or manually searching for things when you can easily perform tasks by simply typing a key. For instance, if you need to search a certain word on a web page, all you have to do is press Ctrl+F and you can simply type the word and find it.

Virus protection

Have you forgotten to install a virus protection programme to your computer? Or have you forgotten to renew your already existing one? If you have, take immediate action and do it. These virus guards are what protect your PC from external threats that come from the internet and peripherals. The virus guards will cost you, but the benefits attained will be a longer investment as it protects the computer from all harm and threats.


Don’t forget to maintain it. Don’t leave it lying around so that all the dust particles can be collected around it. You can keep a cloth to clean it daily. It will take two seconds for you to just simply wipe the dust off; therefore, do not be hesitant.

Did you remember these basic facts?H

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